Who We Are

  • PriceMerge was created by Archit Mehta from West Windsor-Plainsboro HS North, Darshan Lakshminarayanan from Middlesex County Academies, and Parth Harish from John P Stevens HS
  • All of us are students who are passionate about programming, and love using our programming skills in order to create a difference in the world and improve the lives of others
  • Reach out to our team at pricemerge@gmail.com if you'd like to get into contact with us or talk with us about the website!

News Coverage

  • PriceMerge has appeared on ABC News! You can find coverage of our story here
  • PriceMerge has also been on NJ News Network, you can find our article and coverage here!
  • You can also check out PriceMerge on MyCentralJersey, right here
  • CentralJersey News also published an article about our site, check it out!

Why We Made PriceMerge

  • Demand for items during the COVID 19 pandemic has risen drastically, and so, naturally, products are selling out faster and prices are beginning to rise. This means consumers often lose money on transactions, and so we built PriceMerge to help these people instantly compare prices and save money. The fact that we also email users when prices drop means that they never have to worry about missing out on deals.
  • Many companies may also try and implement price gouging tactics, where they intentionally raise prices to make a profit, because they know everybody will buy a certian product(this is illegal). This is very hard for the government to track, and so PriceMerge also helps to combat against this practice and rewards sites that do not price gouge by showing our visitors products from these sites.
  • Even disregarding the Coronavirus pandemic, PriceMerge is still a very strong solution for price comparisons online, as not only do other price comparison websites track your data and sell it, which PriceMerge will never do, but our website also alerts users automatically when prices they're tracking drop, a feature unique to our site. Hence, we are helping users save money through price comparisons, while simultaneously implementing innovative features to help you find the best deals!