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How Do I Use PriceMerge?

There are two ways that you can currently use PriceMerge. The First is the built-in price comparison tool, which can compare the current price of a product across multiple websites and will show you how much the product costs on each given website. This tool is the one above, so all you have to do is type a product into the search bar and you're good to go! The other tool is the Coronavirus product tracker, built specifically around the Coronavirus. This tool displays the best price for important Coronavirus Personal Protective Equipment(PPE). You can also tell it to email you when the price drops below a certain price and you'll be emailed when the price falls with a link to buy the item!

Built for the Pandemic

Our site is built around the Coronavirus pandemic, and we want to give you the best deals on vital products as fast as possible. Our tools both serve to let you compare prices across multiple e-commerce sites and find the best, cheapest price for important products to keep you and your loved ones safe. Our site also has built in features to notify you via email when prices drop so that you always stay in the loop when prices drop and when products become cheaper and more affordable. We combat price gouging and price increases that larger ecommerce stores may conduct and prioritize your income and money, which is especially important when the Coronavirus pandemic has left many unable to work.

No Tracking, Ever

We are the only price comparison site that doesn't track and sell your data, letting you enjoy your privacy! Not only are we the only price comparison tool that emails you once an item's price drops, we also never sell your emails or shopping habits to any other company. You can use our website without having to worry about your data and vital information being tracked, as we understand that at these unprecedented times, it is far more important to help others through our site than track their data for money.

Dedicated To Giving Back to You

Our services are completely free and we make no money; our only goal is to help people save during the Coronavirus Pandemic! We do not and will never charge you money to search for product, and we do not and will never show you any advertisements on the website. Our only goal is helping you find good deals on important Coronavirus product and regular products while shopping online, and we do it all for free!